Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to party in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas with Denise Dee and Jennifer Cook of the Highwood Ave. Adjunct Drinking Club, and Sonny Barton and Chris Hammond of RockNRoll Wine. Yes, I am wearing a Queers shirt.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wet Zeppelin Massacre: Altamont-By-The-Sea!

(At left, Jennifer K. behind Jake's 'security' mask)

By now, even most of the people who missed Wet Zeppelin know that I was encouraged by local law enforcement to shut the party down just before midnight: Dread Zeppelin never played at all! The venue had hired the security guards, one of whom got drunk and staggered off leaving the back door unguarded, to the delight of a parking lot full of thirsty yahoos who got into the wine supply with stunning results. People were driving into public buildings, jumping off the pier at low tide, and climbing on the peaked roof of the Vets Hall. There were fights outside, drunken jealous husbands invading the women's room and throwing chairs at the walls, and hammered punks moshing and jumping onstage repeatedly until the musicians kicked them off bleeding. The owner of the Old Cayucos Tavern said that she had never seen that many ambulances, fire trucks and police cars in town before. In other words, it was a huge success. Oh yes, the bands were awesome, and we raised thousands for the Wine & Viticulture scholarship, but we'll have more about that in later posts. We're still reviewing the video evidence with our attorneys, ahem. Actually . . . there's been nothing in the papers . . . just as well, eh?

Band practice

Band practice