Sunday, March 24, 2013

A viticultural obituary, Dr. Keith Patterson, Cal Poly SLO

A friend, an adviser, a man always ready to set foot in a remote vineyard site or dirtbag party venue.
Critics and winemakers get the wolverine's share of the attention in the wine world, but much of the tremendous innovation in viticulture and enology over the last decades has been driven by academics.  Emile Peynaud was my first guide to winemaking, and judging with Davis and Fresno professors has been instructive, but Keith answered my text messages - about clones, pests, impromptu concerts, and sadly, his health just a few weeks ago.  He died Thursday.
Above photo taken at Swillapalooza, 10/6/07

Monday, March 18, 2013

Deep Purple Stillman Petite Sirah

Young and powerful, more tannic than the large majority of the reds I've made in almost three decades in almost three states, but it smooths down quickly - well, in three days.  Really, assuming you've opened the bottle and poured a third or so out.  Numerology?  Well, no, and notice the NV - some of the swill is from the last harvest, a third or so press wine and thus somewhat more tannic.  Did I say young and powerful?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

From Elvis Island to Easter Island Graceland

Just moved house from Elvis Island to Easter Island Graceland, not far as the Zeppelin flies, but the new place is in the zone of perpetual surf sound.  A lot, lot closer to the beach, so to speak;  this is the view from the end of the street, and the end of the street is a hundred feet away.  That's the headland above the abalone farm in the distance, the view is to the NW, where the storms come from.  Below, view from the front yard:

Band practice

Band practice