Sunday, December 13, 2009


Next year's party, "Cayucapalooza: Wet Zeppelin II" will be a five day event - August 11-15 - ranging from Seventh Heaven Vineyard to Hoppe's Garden Bistro and the Old Cayucos Tavern.

Our old friends the Dancing Cage of Impossible Hotness and Donald-Elvis will of course be there, as will Dario Rosa and Dread Zeppelin: except this time you'll get to see them. We have several surprises in store for you that don't involve getting a concussion, unless you get in my way.

We will not be having any events at the Borracho Vortex, er, Vet's Hall, so we'll have more resources available for musicians and of course our Cal Poly Wine & Viticulture scholarship.

Mark your calendar . . . you do have a 2010 calendar, don't you?

Band practice

Band practice