Sunday, August 14, 2011

So When's The Next Raging Party, Dude?

"and can my group play? We're a really tasty Steve Miller tribute band, and we rock the house!"

Well, this hasn't happened to me yet, though between the paint fumes and the brick stain of the new winery office / tasting room I'm not sure I'd notice. Until we have locks on the doors I'm not willing to put up any artwork worth more than $10, which is rather limiting. Of the $5,000 computer/cash register / massage therapist, I will say nothing except that if you buy something that expensive you perhaps should have a security system that goes with it. And we will also have wine, some of it of sufficiently stellar quality to make it rather expensive, and swanky and clever furniture and other items made from wine barrels.

I'm wondering if we can get a motion sensing device that dispenses meth directly into the nearest raccoon den? We still have a lot left over after our last white wine bottling, abalone shell scouring, and use as floor cleaner; you pick up the oddest things at law enforcement agency auctions.

(I didn't even know there was a "Panamint County" but they seemed happy to make the sale.)

Band practice

Band practice