Monday, August 1, 2011

A troll in the fog; tales of "Wet Zeppelin One"

A trollish person of uncertain origin* is telling tales about Wet Zeppelin I, the Cal Poly viticultural scholarship held on Sept. 25, 2009 at the Cayucos Veterans Hall, to anyone who will listen. I've only heard his nutty exaggerations and distortions secondhand; he seems to be claiming that anything named Wet Zeppelin is a drug fueled abomination that must be forbidden, or something of that nature. He has not been polite to persons unwilling to listen to his tale.

I've organized twelve events - birthday parties and scholarship fundraisers, none for profit - many with a 'Wet Zeppelin' name, in the past few years; this one was completely unique in one respect. The Lions Club contract for Veterans Hall rental includes a charge for uniformed security; the security is hired by the Lions Club, and was scheduled to arrive at 6 PM on the date of the event. No one showed, so I called the Lions Club. When they arrived 90 minutes later, I noticed that one of the three 'guards' was quite short, older than I, and did not seem alert.** (The other two were alert, but young and not imposing.) This person was apparently assigned the back door, where he proceeded to get drunk and chat up women; this was mentioned by several persons.

About an hour later, I and several others personally observed him stagger through the front foyer (where we were checking IDs, collecting donations, and wristbanding attendees by age) and out into the night. I found and informed the other two guards, who immediately both went out looking for him and did not return (without him) for at least thirty minutes. During this period and afterwards, dozens of unauthorized persons went in the back door, and came and went as they pleased. Some of these persons stole and presumably consumed wine, attacked performing musicians and authorized attendees, and generally made a mess. One person was injured, possibly while trying to get onstage, whereupon I contacted ambulance personnel and law enforcement, to whom I clearly outlined the situation and described the security breakdown. They recommended stopping the event and I did, at about 11:45. Neither I, nor any person associated with the event except by unauthorized attendance, was cited or questioned further that night or later in connection with this. I did hear rumors, but from the less credible of my wide circle of friends and acquaintances.
And finally, if someone thinks that a painting of the death of Elvis Presley is somehow in favor of the abuse of perscription pills, they'll believe anything.

*People are describing the troll as an old, rude, do-gooder.
** The little old 'guard' is apparently known as Sleepy Gonzales.

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Band practice