Thursday, September 6, 2012

Verdejo verified, Colossus semi-released, Pacific Pinot

Perhaps the TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau, formerly part of BATF) doesn't read their own list of approved variety names, or maybe I missed something, but they approved the Chateau d'Abalone Verdejo label as is.  
The fermentation underway smells awesome, waves of green and yellow fruit:  Here it is just getting started.

People have been coming into the tasting room, trying the bottle-shocked Colossus, and buying cases.  So I suppose I should announce the Friends Family Fans and Stalkers price in my email - go back and read it?  (Retail is $60/btl.)

Finally, this is what a coastal vineyard site looks like.  777 clone Pinot Noir just above the 'town' of San Simeon just up the coast from me.  One HALF ton per acre, with absurdly tiny berries and clusters.  Pray for a wave of warm coastal weather, please.  

The netting is strictly for the birds, though yellowjackets are not welcome either.  

Band practice

Band practice