Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winemaker Parties

A practically limitless availability of wine, an exemplary social setting, and the passage of several hours brings out the best in some people; and the worst in others, so it helps to have friends with bouncer skills.

After a mere four hours of our Monkey Ball last week (the Swamp Siren's 50th) there were major wine spills in the dancing cage, on the twelve foot high ceiling of the rented hall, and on the pier outside; the latter deposit apparently having spent a short period of time inside an underage stomach.

In my role as Swilly Idle, Party Pest Host, I roved the scene with a bottle of Del Maguey Mezcal in hand, offering to nearly all. (Best firewater ever, say I: http://www.mezcal.com/ .) Only my friend Brad the Abalone Abuser was able to swizzle more than an ounce directly from the bottle. I could have kept pace, but I had a party to run. Slide show at: http://www.swillyidle.com/ .

That's my permanent site, with music and colors, but no scratch-n-sniff Shiraz. I'm saving that for my insert in the Wine Spectator . . . it comes in a plain brown wrapper.

Band practice

Band practice